Monday, December 2, 2013


This happened to me just recently. Please be sure to read the fine print carefully before sending off for any "free" trials.  I think that most companies are on the up-and-up, and  sometimes we don't always understand what we read, or often can't see what we read. LOL  Just be careful.  If in them first.  Copy of letter I sent the company is below.

November 26, 2013

To whom it may concern:
     I believe it was November 23--24, that I talked to your office and discovered that you had taken from my bank account a sum of money that caused me to become overdrawn.
     The young man I talked to assured me that he would cancel any further orders, because I cannot use this product.  Turns out that I have a hairline fracture in my lower back that is causing the pain. Your product is of no help to me in that regard.  I also noticed that I wasn't feeling too well.  When I read the instructions further I found that there is seafood in the product to which I am sensitive.
     I am an older woman on a fixed income.  I was unaware that I was going to have money withdrawn on a regular basis...or so soon.
     I am not blaming anyone, I simply learned that I will no longer buy anything from the internet, because I do not always understand, or can see well enough to read lengthy material.  Or, if I really want something, I will have to use a magnifying glass, or get someone to help me read the "fine print".
     The young man was very accommodating, and said that I would be credited $20.00.  I thought that was very nice, but my account was overdrawn way more than the amount mentioned.
     I think it rather unfair that internet businesses are allowed to have access to a person's credit card and are able to arbitrarily withdraw from it without first obtaining permission to do so.  
     I am returning the remainder of the pills, as I told the young man I would.  This was supposed to be a "free trial" period that turned out to be anything but "free" for me.  On top of the overdraw, I also paid for you to ship them to me, and I am having to pay to ship the "leftovers" back to you, which includes the bottle that the young man told me he had cancelled.    
     I am a blogger, and I will be posting this letter on my blog, so that people will be made aware that they must read internet material carefully and realize what they are signing up for.
     I have learned from my internet experiences that "free" usually has a catch to it.  I am sure that your product is a very good one.  It just didn't work for me, and I thought I had 30 days to try it out.
     Two weeks is certainly not enough time to try out a medicinal product.  It was not working for me even after two weeks.  However, I am sensitive to most Rx meds, so I am not too surprised that it didn't work, even though it is not a Rx med.
     I do have osteoarthritis , but I have never had any problems before, so when I discovered that it was the fracture that is causing the pain I felt a bit relieved.
     I would appreciate any help you can give me with the overdraw.  Thank you!
                                         Ms.  Adams



Monday, November 25, 2013



My  trip to the airport in Santa Monica was a trip. My one error was, instead of taking my stroller/walker, I took my cane.  When one is touring an airport, or library, or anyplace where there will be a lot of walking, one had better be in pretty good shape physically. There was no where to sit except an occasional replica of an airline seat here and there, and since we kept moving that was out of the question.  

We did have a chance to sit when we were shown a movie entitled, "Grey Eagles."  This was about  pilots during World War I and II.  I didn't take notes, so I can't really tell you too much about it. I remember that it was interesting.  

The whole tour was actually quite impressive.  I think I saw every type of plane ever made. They even had planes hanging from the ceiling.  It made me think of one of my twin half brothers "Gene" (Eugene) & "Jake"  (Everett) Adams.  Eugene was a professional photographer for Lockheed Corp. for ten years.  During the 1950's he had a two or three page spread of his photos in "Life Magazine."  I have so many talented photographers in my family, including yours truly, that I often wonder if we were related to the famous, Ansel Adams.  I just picked up a copy of one of his photo books at a used book store for three bucks. But...I digress, as usual.

I had been up in Cessna's because my husband had a pilot's license and we went up often.We even flew up the coast to Eureka once to visit my mother, stepfather and my little sister Suzy.  Little Suzy is now a grandmother. 

One trip was not too funny for my son Mike. He was about three or four and we took him up with us. His father decided to do a loop the loop and poor little Mike turned green. To tell you the truth, I wasn't far behind him. I have "acrophobia" and I don't do well if I'm higher than the second rung on a ladder.  I live on the 14th floor and it isn't fun for me if I stand too close to the windows. I know, I'm a wuss!

I said all that to say: My first commercial air-flight was in 1972 when I flew on the Pan American 747 to Costa Rica. I promise I will finish my story about my trip to Costa Rica soon. That story is in my blog, "".  I have written two parts so far.  Anyway back at the Santa Monica Airport, I saw a picture of that 747 Pan-Am plane.  I think about ten years later that company went "belly up" as the saying goes.  However, I will never forget the wonderful flight on that  "flying living room", or the trip there and back. 

One of the most interesting things to me about this trip to the airport was seeing the replica of Orville & Wilbur Wrights, "Wind-walker"  I believe that's what they called it.  When it was finally airborne, someone stood out on the wing, only holding on to one of the "guy-wires." I think he must have had a secret death wish. 

Oddly enough with all of the years of testing and flying, and crashing, there was only one fatality.

I don't remember his name, but one day Orville had invited a  man from the Armed forces to fly with him.   Unfortunately they crashed.  Orville was badly hurt, but he survived to fly another day. His guest however did not.  

If anyone is interested in the history of this airport, or the planes themselves, or the story of the Wright Brothers, I would be glad to delve into it and write a more in depth version for you.  Please tell me in the comment section, and I will look into it and get back to you in the future.

Oh! By the way!  Some of us went to the "Spitfire Grill" for lunch.  I ordered the Turkey Wrap with Caesar Salad, and a cup of the most delicious Clam Chowder I have ever tasted.  The food is really good.

All of their items are named after types of airplanes. I spent a bit more than I had intended, but I had to take half of it home anyway. Needless to say, I didn't cook dinner that night.  I only wished that I had asked for a BOWL of Clam Chowder and ordered the Turkey go!


Sunday, November 10, 2013




1...What do you get when you eat Christmas decorations?

2...Where does a penguin keep his money?

3...What's the difference between one yard and two yards?

4...Which building has the most stories?

5...What kind of pool can't you swim in?

6...Why did the pony have to stay after school?



2...In a snowbank!

3...A fence!

4...A library!

5...A car pool!

6...For horsing around!


Have you seen the new "God Speaks Billboards?"   They are simple black boards with white text.

God says:

Tell the kids I love them!

Let's meet at my house on Sunday!

C'mon over and bring the kids!

What part of Thou shalt Not...didn't you understand?

We need to talk!

Keep using my name in vain...I'll make rush hour longer!

Loved the invite me to the marriage!

That "Love Thy Neighbor" thing...I meant it!

I love you, and you, and you, and....

Will the road you're on get to my place?

Follow me!

Big bang theory?...You've got to be kidding!!!

My way is the highway!

Need directions?

You think it's hot here?

Have you read my #1 best seller? There will be a test!

Do you have any idea where you're going?

(Best one of all.) Don't make me come down there!

This came from my sister Leanne way back in 2002. I was writing a Family Newsletter at the time.

Here is some more funny God stuff sent by Kathleen Cross in 2002. Same Newsletter.

To those of us who have children in our lives, whether they are our own, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or is something to make you chuckle.

Whenever your children are out of control, you can take comfort from the thought that even God's omnipotence did not extend to His own children. :)

After creating heaven and earth, God created Adam and Eve, and...the first thing he said was..."Don't."

"Don't what." Adam replied.

"Don't eat the forbidden fruit." God said.

"Forbidden fruit? We have forbidden fruit? Hey Eve...we have forbidden fruit!"

"No way!"

"Yes, way!"

"Do NOT eat the fruit!" God said.


"Because I am your Father and I said so." God replied. (Wondering why he hadn't stopped creation after making the elephants).

A few minutes later God saw His children having an apple break and He was ticked.

"Didn't I tell you not to eat the fruit?" God as our first parent asked.

"Uh huh," Adam replied.

"Then why did you?" said the Father.

"I don't know." said Eve.

"She started it!" Adam said.

"Did not!"

"Did too!"


Having had it with the two of them, God's punishment was that Adam and Eve should have children of their own. Thus the pattern was set and it has never changed.

But there is reassurance in this story.  If you have persistently and lovingly tried to give children wisdom and they haven't taken it, don't be hard on yourself. If God had trouble raising  children, what makes you think it would be a piece of cake for you?

Advice for the day:

If you have a lot of tension and you get a headache, do what it says on the  aspirin bottle: "Take two aspirin" and "Keep away from children."


CHILDREN: You spend the first 2 years of their life teaching them to walk and talk. then you spend the next 16 years telling them to sit down and shut-up.

Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your children.

Mother's of teens know why some animals eat their young.

Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn't have said.

The main purpose of holding children's parties is to remind yourself that there are children more awful than yours

We childproofed our home three years ago, but they're still getting in. LOL

Remember, these are jokes. Do not go bonkers on us. (God speaking.) :):):)


Sunday, November 3, 2013



Good morning world! 

It is another gorgeous day in Santa Monica. I am waiting for my daughter to pick me up to go shopping.

I have this idea to pick up items at the $Store like soap, toothpaste,brushes, some snacky stuff, etc. and put them in plastic bags to give to my homeless friends, like maybe once a month.

God has been good to me. I like to "Pay it Forward."

Tomorrow  am starting my first Qi Gong class. That's pronounced "Chee Gong."  

On the 14th is my first ever acupuncture for back pain. I have "osteoporosis."   

Have been doing "Chair Yoga."   Am also going to try Ballroom dancing.   Need to get my legs to work, so  need all the help I can get.  

Am shooting for Mon.,Wed., & Fri. Tuesdays, Thursdays, evenings and weekends are for writing my blogs, and working on my book.

While I'm waiting for my family to come I'll share one of my little "tidbits" with you.

I used to send out actual greeting cards. The following are words that I created for one of my friends on his birthday: It's called "Break a leg." In theater language it means, "Good Luck."

McDonald's says, "You deserve a break today."

If you were an actor, I would tell you to, "Break a leg."

If you were a clumsy skier, I might say, "How'd you break your leg?"

If you were from the IRS, I'd plead, "Give me a break."

If you were my enemy, I could say, "I'll break your neck!"

If you were a peacemaker I'd suggest, "Let's break bread together."

You may not be any of the above, but it is your birthday, so I say, "Go break a record for the greatest birthday celebration ever!" HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Hey! Yesterday was  my nephew Brad's BD, so Brad Adams, this is for you!

Everybody else, have a very Happy Day!


Friday, November 1, 2013



I started my day early. Stopped by to chat with my friend Chance, then went to Mickey D's for lunch, after that I ambled on to the Wise & Healthy Aging Services where I had been invited along with a bunch of us elders to a Halloween party

The party was okay, but nothing to write home about.  They had some cookies,  potato chips, and punch, all of the things that most of  us shouldn't be eating.  Unfortunately, I succumbed to some cookies  and potato chips, while watching the ladies get up and dance to the oldie but goodies. 

If my legs worked better I might have joined them.  I did what I usually do...I chair danced.
After the dancing, Mario, our young host called everyone who was in costume up to the front. We applauded the best three. One for the best girl, one for the best guy,(there was only one guy), and one for best overall.

As soon as the party was over, I walked down to Ocean Boulevard, and sat on a bench in the sun. Actually I dozed off.  It was one of the most beautifully clear, sunny days I have seen since I moved here. There was not a cloud in the sky.

I saw Superman, Wonder-woman,Spider Man, and Bat Man.  I also recognized a few little angels, as well as a big one or two. Some guy went by with a box on his head, I never could figure out what he was supposed to be.  Oh, and there was The Cat in the Hat. Just about any Halloween character one could see, I think I saw that day. 

I worked my way up the path along the park until I came to Ocean and Wilshire Blvd. I went up Wilshire until I came to CKP (California Pizza Kitchen), and had my favorite cup  of Split Pea soup.  The nicest part of that treat, was that when I went to pay the bill, the young man who had served me had told me that he was new. He said, "I'ts alright ma-am, you're good to go. He paid for my dinner. I'm glad that I had at least left him a tip.

If any of you have ever had a cup of soup at CKP, you know that it is more like a bowl. the first time I had soup there and asked for a cup, I thought the waitress had made a mistake. I said to her, "Miss, I asked for a cup."  she said, "That is a cup ma-am."  We both laughed, and I asked, "How big is a bowl then?"  She laughed again, and said, "BIG."

After I left the restaurant, I stopped at Whole foods and picked up some items I needed.  All-in-all, I had a great day.

That was yesterday, Halloween.  Today is the first day of November and it has been another very beautiful  day in Santa Monica. I am so blessed!

I will have to leave you with the funniest story that I had heard yesterday. After I got home and turned on my computer, I went on to Facebook. One of my FB friends told us that Her husband had dressed their dog up for Halloween, and she hadn't come home from work yet.  She said, that as soon as she arrived home, she opened the door, and screamed.  She was so frightened that she literally s---her pants (her words). The dog was dressed up like a giant Tarantula.  I don't blame her for being scared.  She showed a picture of the dog in costume. I would have probably had the same reaction. It was one of the most clever costumes I've seen in a long time. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Often times people who have phones or cell phones enjoy having ringtones or leaving messages. The following are a few I wrote several years ago and  ran across them recently. They are just for fun:

1.  Business:  Hello.  Please don't hang up.  I apologize for not being at my desk at the moment. I do sincerely want to talk to you.  At the tone, leave your name, number, time of call and a message telling me how I may be of service.  Thank you for your patience.

2.  Humor:'s me.  Well, it's also not me.  You guessed got the machine again.  But hey...don't hang up on me... I really want to hear why you called.  Unfortunately you either got me in the shower, taking out the trash, bringing in the mail, or...worse yet...asleep! Oh, and I could just be out! So...when you hear the tone, tell me who you are, when and where to call you, and I soon as I : Dry off, wash my hands, scan the mail, wake up or  return...whichever comes first.

3.  Romantic:  Hey baby...I can't talk to you right now, because I'm lighting the candles, turning the lights down low, plumping the pillows, or slipping into something more comfortable...just for you.  So, when you hear the tone, why don't you whisper your name, and number in my ear and I promise I'll call you whenever I have everything ready. Love you sugar!

You have my permission to use them if you like...or not!


Monday, October 28, 2013


As I hugged my little granddaughter one day, 
she looked at me and said, 
" Grandma...Why do you have so many cracks in your face?

My little daughter was about five or six, when one morning 
she saw me running my comb under the hot water.
 "Are you paralyzing your comb Mommy?"
I laughed, "No honey, you mean sterilizing."
She said, "Oh yeah, I forgot...Paralyze,
that's where Adam and Eve lived."

A little boy says to his mother, "But Mom, I can't go to my room,
I can't get the door open."

I said: "Two silkworms were in a race."
She said: "What was the results?"
I said: " A tie."

Some kids were playing outside when a lady came by
with her cute little dog. The kids began petting the dog,
except for one little girl. 
The lady said, "It's okay honey, you can pet peanuts."
"I can't the little girl said, "I'm allergic to peanuts."

Question & Answers:

Q: Why did the witch need a computer?
A: To do a spell check!

Q: What do you do when you cross poison Ivy with a 
      four leaf clover?
A: A rash of good luck!

Q: How does a barber do his work so fast?
A: With short-cuts!

Q: Why do mummies have trouble keeping friends?
A: They're so wrapped up in themselves!

Q: What kind of soap does a judge use?
A: Trial size!

Q: Why did the king go to the dentist?
A: To get his teeth crowned!

Q: Why can't a leopard hide?
A: Because he's always spotted!

Q: When is a car not a car?
A: When it turns into a driveway!

Q: Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants?
A: In case he got a hole in one!

Q: What do you get if you cross a snowman and a shark?
A: Frostbite!

Q: What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus?
A: Claustrophobic!

Q: How do you know when Santa's in the room?
A: You see his presents!

Q: How do you turn me off?
A: Change the channel!


Saturday, October 26, 2013


I thought this would be a good time to resurrect
this tribute to one of our finest basket ball teams,
as they won the gold medal in Barcelona Spain. 
Looking forward to the 2014 Olympics in China.


America's Dream Team it would seem,
Was on it's way to glory,
A driving machine that had been
The nation's headline story.

There was Charles Barkley who had the key
To open up the door.
And Larry Bird  was the word,
As he sailed across the floor.

Drexler "The Glide"  known as Clyde,
Would shine in Spain, Oh my!
Patrick Ewing he'd be a shoe in,
On that we could rely,

Ervin Johnson's "Magic" was most tragic,
To all those other guys,
While Michael Jordan rose against them,
As he reached towards the skies.

Christian Laetner, there was none greater,
When he leaped from hoop to hoop,
He and Karl Malone,  would not be alone,
They'd knock the whole world for a loop.

Christopher Mullen was never dull when,
He put his all into the sport,
Along with Scottie Pippin, always rippin'
Up and down the court.

David Robinson, another great one,
Could "slam 'n' Jam" with the rest,
We's see John Stockton try to reach Mach 1,
As he played ball with the best.

With coach John Daley we would see,
These guys were bad and bold,
Our Team USA would never sway,

(I wrote this during the 1980 Olympics,
It was written in the present tense for that
time, I revised it to read in the past tense, 
and made a few other little changes.)


Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I was going through old papers and stories and ran across this little bit of poetry. It isn't mine, but I can relate to it. (Anonymous)

I've never made a fortune
and it's probably too late now,
But I don't worry about that much,
I'm happy anyhow.

And as I go along life's way,
I'm reaping better than I sowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed.

Haven't got a lot of riches,
And sometimes the going's tough,
But I've got loving ones around me,
And that makes me rich enough.


Sunday, October 13, 2013


I have to tell you of this young man I met some time ago.
He stood beside a building with a sign,
What it said, I didn't know.

I walked a little closer where I could see what it did say.
I read the words upon it,
Then I began to pray.

The sign asked if  he could do something to perhaps make a "buck".  
He would in turn give some of what he got,
To one worse than he...down on his luck.

He is not White like me...which at times I've been ashamed of.
His skin is Black...his words respectful,
His smile is filled with love.

I went to this amazing young the place whereby he stood.
I said to him, "I would love to help you sir,
If I only could."

I'm probably as bad off  financially as you , 
But...I can share a little."
I gave him a dollar...half of what I had,...for I had only two.

"No ma' talked to me, your smile's worth more than  money." 
He  melted my poor heart, 
With words way sweeter than honey.

We chatted  and not what this country needs,
A softer, gentler nation,
Geared towards love and Holy deeds.

"My name is Gramma Dawn son...and what might I call you?"
"Chance" is what I go by, 
You can call me that...please do."

"I took a chance on you 'Chance', and you have been so sweet."
"Well Gramma Dawn", he humbly said, 
I'm glad that we did meet."

"Me too," I said, "there's not too many like you these days,
A lot of folks seem to think...'It's all about me.'
They show narcissistic ways."

"That's true,"  he said, "but it's really not our place to judge."
I said, " know, I know  you're right, 
Nor should we hold a grudge."

"Jesus said," 'Judge not, lest ye be judged.' "It's in His Holy Book."
"Yep" I said, "All anyone has to do is,
Open it up and look."

All God's Prophets have books saying the same thing in different ways.
God is the Most High Judge,
Always, to Him we should turn...through our eternal days.

I'm glad I took a chance on "Chance," he told me I was like no other.
"He said, "Ma' made my day the first time you came by,
To me you're like a mother"

He's not some angelic kid...he's been around the block.
If I were to talk like this about my own kids,
I think they'd be in shock.

It's just that his mother lives many miles away, 
And my kids work, have families and, 
Don't have time to stay.

Hence...we have become  a sort of substitute mother and son.
Whenever I see him we always chat, and
Have a bit of fun.

I live alone...I do the best I can to keep a positive outlook.
If ever I do feel down,
I simply get out my trusty God Book.

Life is what it is...folks are who they are, there is no arguing that.
I'm glad that God gave me the chance to meet  "Chance",
So we could have that chat.

My life is much that I have lost some fears,
I've been working on growing up
For lo these many years.

Making amends...meeting new friends.. has been a part of the dance,
I've made amends...met lots of friends, and  
Took the chance on my new friend, "Chance."


Saturday, October 12, 2013


Here I sit again high above the Santa Monica Pier in my handy, dandy,stroller/walker...that I told you about yesterday.  

Pigeons swoop by like a formation of geese flying south for the winter. The flock comes by so close I can almost reach out and touch them as they light down. 

I notice how pretty they are with feathers of black and grey with a kind of florescent green, or purple color around the neck. They stay only momentarily perhaps looking for food, then off they swoop again.

My view today from Ocean Boulevard is of an Armada of sail boats...not racing...just lazily gliding through the beautiful blue/green waters of the Pacific Ocean near the beach. Makes one wistfully think of taking a trip on a cruise ship in the future.

Dragging my thoughts away from my imaginary future cruise, I notice a rather corpulent lady napping on a bench in the sun, a red umbrella sheltering her from its healthy, but sometimes harmful rays...she doesn't need a suntan.

On the bench next to her, a gorgeous White Chow sits along side its mistress. A blonde lady walks by pulling a small Poodle on a leash. The two canines come to terms  with a growl and a short bark.

The cutest little "afro-headed" toddler is chasing a pigeon, while his beautiful mother...a tall, slim, chasing him.
I laugh and say, "I can see why you stay so thin." She laughs back, "Yeah,"grabs her frisky little one, and runs to catch up with Grandma.

It's cool today, but beautifully sunny...almost like summer. Numerous tourists and runners fly by. There are several folks napping in the park, and there are also  a few who obviously spent the night. My heart goes out to them and I pray.

Since it's a lot like a summer day, I am going to recite the poem I promised you at a later date. It's called, "I Love Summer." Written in March of 1955.

I love the summer sun to shine a way up in the blue.
I love her trees of tall green Pine, her lakes and rivers too.

I love the dress that nature has bestowed upon this beauty.
To keep alive this lovely lass, Mom Nate has quite a duty.

Foliage green, clear blue sky, spruce up  Miss Summer's cover.
Nature's gifts are not the only reason why I love her.

There are myriad attributes for which I give her credit.
I know there have been many other poets who have said it.

To sum it up, as you can see, I kind of like this lady,
Although at times she has to be a lady that is shady.

But, when the leaves change in the fall, and summer takes a rest,
I find that I am fickle, for 'tis autumn I love best.


Friday, October 11, 2013



has been on an unwanted vacation 
due to circumstances, partially beyond her control.

She is back now, and rarin' to go with more of  her 
witticisms, essays, articles of merit, quaint characters, 
art, entertaining subjects, truth, an abundance of poetry, 
and whatever else turns her on.

Due to the fact that she's not really "techie savvy" there
is a lot of her old stuff still floating around. Which is okay, 
but, she doesn't want to bore everyone with the same ol', 
same ol'. Please be patient, she WILL work it out.

Gramma Dawn would also like to add, that she has a few
other blogs for you to ponder.

1. ";

2. "";


So come and join her in Truth, Gripe & groan with her
 on Granny's, Gripes & Groans. Meditate with her in
 Mystic Musings & other mysterious stuff, and learn about
 her life in, My Humble Being.



As I sit here on a park bench with my feet firmly planted on my only mode of stroller/walker...I close my eyes and smell the sweet, fresh air blowing through what little hair I have left.

My birthday is in two weeks. I've been on this planet 86 years. I feel blessed to be able to still enjoy the sun setting on this lovely stretch of beach in Santa Monica, CA.

I am up on Ocean Boulevard, overlooking the famous Santa Monica Pier. I see it from here. Ant like forms are darting about doing fun things, like eating hot dogs, listening to music, both live and canned. Waves are lapping the shore, as more ants enjoy it's coolness, while basking in the autumn sun.

The Ferris wheel appears to labor as it rather sluggishly, rotates it's myriad passengers, mostly tourists...I assume, under their collective weights. Another exciting attraction to write in their travel journals.

I love the ocean. It's soothing calmness helps me maintain my equilibrium whenever it is over worked. What better way to relax and keep cool, than to recline and unwind in the warmth of a sunny day at the beach while writing...that's what I do...I write.

NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION: I will at this time introduce you to some of my poetry. This one happens to be about the very subject I have been writing about today...the ocean. This was the first bit of poetry I ever wrote. Written in March of 1955. I was in a kind of Robert Frost mood. During this period I also wrote a poem about summer, but I'll save that for another day..aren't you lucky? This one is called: "THE OCEAN SINGS".

Did you know the ocean sings a haunting melody?

She whispers,and she moans and groans as she flows on out to sea.

Her song is sometimes gentle with sweet melodic sounds, 

And then with great crescendo against the rocks she pounds.

At times her voice with anguish seems to fill the very air,

For she hasn't any place to go...except from here to there.

Her drum roll waves go on and on like a hundred tympani's,

While seagulls hover over-head and lend their sympathies.

Sometimes she'll let you bathe and play and have a lot of fun,

And catch her waves, or taste her salt, or linger in the sun.

But, she can be quite dangerous and full of mystery,

To fight with her is crazy, as crazy as can be.

Because, when she is angry, she hasn't any heart,

And yet , when it is time to go, it's really hard to part.

She murmurs, she pleads, she begs...oh please don't go away,

I promise I'll be very good if you will only stay.

Soon she has been left all alone to sing her songs of woe,

Oh why? Oh why? Does everybody always have to go?