Monday, December 2, 2013


This happened to me just recently. Please be sure to read the fine print carefully before sending off for any "free" trials.  I think that most companies are on the up-and-up, and  sometimes we don't always understand what we read, or often can't see what we read. LOL  Just be careful.  If in them first.  Copy of letter I sent the company is below.

November 26, 2013

To whom it may concern:
     I believe it was November 23--24, that I talked to your office and discovered that you had taken from my bank account a sum of money that caused me to become overdrawn.
     The young man I talked to assured me that he would cancel any further orders, because I cannot use this product.  Turns out that I have a hairline fracture in my lower back that is causing the pain. Your product is of no help to me in that regard.  I also noticed that I wasn't feeling too well.  When I read the instructions further I found that there is seafood in the product to which I am sensitive.
     I am an older woman on a fixed income.  I was unaware that I was going to have money withdrawn on a regular basis...or so soon.
     I am not blaming anyone, I simply learned that I will no longer buy anything from the internet, because I do not always understand, or can see well enough to read lengthy material.  Or, if I really want something, I will have to use a magnifying glass, or get someone to help me read the "fine print".
     The young man was very accommodating, and said that I would be credited $20.00.  I thought that was very nice, but my account was overdrawn way more than the amount mentioned.
     I think it rather unfair that internet businesses are allowed to have access to a person's credit card and are able to arbitrarily withdraw from it without first obtaining permission to do so.  
     I am returning the remainder of the pills, as I told the young man I would.  This was supposed to be a "free trial" period that turned out to be anything but "free" for me.  On top of the overdraw, I also paid for you to ship them to me, and I am having to pay to ship the "leftovers" back to you, which includes the bottle that the young man told me he had cancelled.    
     I am a blogger, and I will be posting this letter on my blog, so that people will be made aware that they must read internet material carefully and realize what they are signing up for.
     I have learned from my internet experiences that "free" usually has a catch to it.  I am sure that your product is a very good one.  It just didn't work for me, and I thought I had 30 days to try it out.
     Two weeks is certainly not enough time to try out a medicinal product.  It was not working for me even after two weeks.  However, I am sensitive to most Rx meds, so I am not too surprised that it didn't work, even though it is not a Rx med.
     I do have osteoarthritis , but I have never had any problems before, so when I discovered that it was the fracture that is causing the pain I felt a bit relieved.
     I would appreciate any help you can give me with the overdraw.  Thank you!
                                         Ms.  Adams