Saturday, October 12, 2013


Here I sit again high above the Santa Monica Pier in my handy, dandy,stroller/walker...that I told you about yesterday.  

Pigeons swoop by like a formation of geese flying south for the winter. The flock comes by so close I can almost reach out and touch them as they light down. 

I notice how pretty they are with feathers of black and grey with a kind of florescent green, or purple color around the neck. They stay only momentarily perhaps looking for food, then off they swoop again.

My view today from Ocean Boulevard is of an Armada of sail boats...not racing...just lazily gliding through the beautiful blue/green waters of the Pacific Ocean near the beach. Makes one wistfully think of taking a trip on a cruise ship in the future.

Dragging my thoughts away from my imaginary future cruise, I notice a rather corpulent lady napping on a bench in the sun, a red umbrella sheltering her from its healthy, but sometimes harmful rays...she doesn't need a suntan.

On the bench next to her, a gorgeous White Chow sits along side its mistress. A blonde lady walks by pulling a small Poodle on a leash. The two canines come to terms  with a growl and a short bark.

The cutest little "afro-headed" toddler is chasing a pigeon, while his beautiful mother...a tall, slim, chasing him.
I laugh and say, "I can see why you stay so thin." She laughs back, "Yeah,"grabs her frisky little one, and runs to catch up with Grandma.

It's cool today, but beautifully sunny...almost like summer. Numerous tourists and runners fly by. There are several folks napping in the park, and there are also  a few who obviously spent the night. My heart goes out to them and I pray.

Since it's a lot like a summer day, I am going to recite the poem I promised you at a later date. It's called, "I Love Summer." Written in March of 1955.

I love the summer sun to shine a way up in the blue.
I love her trees of tall green Pine, her lakes and rivers too.

I love the dress that nature has bestowed upon this beauty.
To keep alive this lovely lass, Mom Nate has quite a duty.

Foliage green, clear blue sky, spruce up  Miss Summer's cover.
Nature's gifts are not the only reason why I love her.

There are myriad attributes for which I give her credit.
I know there have been many other poets who have said it.

To sum it up, as you can see, I kind of like this lady,
Although at times she has to be a lady that is shady.

But, when the leaves change in the fall, and summer takes a rest,
I find that I am fickle, for 'tis autumn I love best.