Sunday, November 3, 2013



Good morning world! 

It is another gorgeous day in Santa Monica. I am waiting for my daughter to pick me up to go shopping.

I have this idea to pick up items at the $Store like soap, toothpaste,brushes, some snacky stuff, etc. and put them in plastic bags to give to my homeless friends, like maybe once a month.

God has been good to me. I like to "Pay it Forward."

Tomorrow  am starting my first Qi Gong class. That's pronounced "Chee Gong."  

On the 14th is my first ever acupuncture for back pain. I have "osteoporosis."   

Have been doing "Chair Yoga."   Am also going to try Ballroom dancing.   Need to get my legs to work, so  need all the help I can get.  

Am shooting for Mon.,Wed., & Fri. Tuesdays, Thursdays, evenings and weekends are for writing my blogs, and working on my book.

While I'm waiting for my family to come I'll share one of my little "tidbits" with you.

I used to send out actual greeting cards. The following are words that I created for one of my friends on his birthday: It's called "Break a leg." In theater language it means, "Good Luck."

McDonald's says, "You deserve a break today."

If you were an actor, I would tell you to, "Break a leg."

If you were a clumsy skier, I might say, "How'd you break your leg?"

If you were from the IRS, I'd plead, "Give me a break."

If you were my enemy, I could say, "I'll break your neck!"

If you were a peacemaker I'd suggest, "Let's break bread together."

You may not be any of the above, but it is your birthday, so I say, "Go break a record for the greatest birthday celebration ever!" HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Hey! Yesterday was  my nephew Brad's BD, so Brad Adams, this is for you!

Everybody else, have a very Happy Day!