Sunday, October 13, 2013


I have to tell you of this young man I met some time ago.
He stood beside a building with a sign,
What it said, I didn't know.

I walked a little closer where I could see what it did say.
I read the words upon it,
Then I began to pray.

The sign asked if  he could do something to perhaps make a "buck".  
He would in turn give some of what he got,
To one worse than he...down on his luck.

He is not White like me...which at times I've been ashamed of.
His skin is Black...his words respectful,
His smile is filled with love.

I went to this amazing young the place whereby he stood.
I said to him, "I would love to help you sir,
If I only could."

I'm probably as bad off  financially as you , 
But...I can share a little."
I gave him a dollar...half of what I had,...for I had only two.

"No ma' talked to me, your smile's worth more than  money." 
He  melted my poor heart, 
With words way sweeter than honey.

We chatted  and not what this country needs,
A softer, gentler nation,
Geared towards love and Holy deeds.

"My name is Gramma Dawn son...and what might I call you?"
"Chance" is what I go by, 
You can call me that...please do."

"I took a chance on you 'Chance', and you have been so sweet."
"Well Gramma Dawn", he humbly said, 
I'm glad that we did meet."

"Me too," I said, "there's not too many like you these days,
A lot of folks seem to think...'It's all about me.'
They show narcissistic ways."

"That's true,"  he said, "but it's really not our place to judge."
I said, " know, I know  you're right, 
Nor should we hold a grudge."

"Jesus said," 'Judge not, lest ye be judged.' "It's in His Holy Book."
"Yep" I said, "All anyone has to do is,
Open it up and look."

All God's Prophets have books saying the same thing in different ways.
God is the Most High Judge,
Always, to Him we should turn...through our eternal days.

I'm glad I took a chance on "Chance," he told me I was like no other.
"He said, "Ma' made my day the first time you came by,
To me you're like a mother"

He's not some angelic kid...he's been around the block.
If I were to talk like this about my own kids,
I think they'd be in shock.

It's just that his mother lives many miles away, 
And my kids work, have families and, 
Don't have time to stay.

Hence...we have become  a sort of substitute mother and son.
Whenever I see him we always chat, and
Have a bit of fun.

I live alone...I do the best I can to keep a positive outlook.
If ever I do feel down,
I simply get out my trusty God Book.

Life is what it is...folks are who they are, there is no arguing that.
I'm glad that God gave me the chance to meet  "Chance",
So we could have that chat.

My life is much that I have lost some fears,
I've been working on growing up
For lo these many years.

Making amends...meeting new friends.. has been a part of the dance,
I've made amends...met lots of friends, and  
Took the chance on my new friend, "Chance."