Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Often times people who have phones or cell phones enjoy having ringtones or leaving messages. The following are a few I wrote several years ago and  ran across them recently. They are just for fun:

1.  Business:  Hello.  Please don't hang up.  I apologize for not being at my desk at the moment. I do sincerely want to talk to you.  At the tone, leave your name, number, time of call and a message telling me how I may be of service.  Thank you for your patience.

2.  Humor:  Yeah...it's me.  Well, it's also not me.  You guessed it...you got the machine again.  But hey...don't hang up on me... I really want to hear why you called.  Unfortunately you either got me in the shower, taking out the trash, bringing in the mail, or...worse yet...asleep! Oh, and I could just be out! So...when you hear the tone, tell me who you are, when and where to call you, and I will...as soon as I : Dry off, wash my hands, scan the mail, wake up or  return...whichever comes first.

3.  Romantic:  Hey baby...I can't talk to you right now, because I'm lighting the candles, turning the lights down low, plumping the pillows, or slipping into something more comfortable...just for you.  So, when you hear the tone, why don't you whisper your name, and number in my ear and I promise I'll call you whenever I have everything ready. Love you sugar!

You have my permission to use them if you like...or not!