Monday, March 14, 2011


My dearest brothers & sisters:

I started this on February 27, but had to put it on hold for a couple of weeks. This is actually being written at 4:00am on Monday morning, March 14, 2011.

Granny hasn't been writing for the past couple of weeks because she is in a groaning mood.  It is so difficult to write about positive stuff, when there is so much negative stuff going on.

Some of it has been up close and personal--like severe illness and ultimate death in the family.  That leaves me with a heavy heart for the loved ones who are trying to cope with it. All I can do is cry and say prayers, and let them know that I am there for them, and to help in any way that I can.  That is how I show them that I love them--I also tell them that I love them--constantly.  Grieving folks need all the support they can get. I could use a little myself--I'm about cried out.  

On top of everything else, along comes a tsunami and just about wipes out Japan.  I have been glued to the television, while my heart is still breaking for my loved ones, now it is breaking for a nation that is reeling from such horrible devastation that it leaves one wondering, "What next?"

However, the political winds that are blowing in this country and around the world, is also placing more weight on my already weakened heart(don't panic, emotionally--not physically).  I keep promising myself I will not watch the news anymore--but then--how will I keep up with what is going on around the globe, as well as here at home?  It's a big "catch 22" for me right now.

Is it not enough, that all of those wonderful human beings who are fighting for their "freedom" in the "middle east", have been  beaten, jailed and even killed, to gain what our wonderful human beings here in this country fought for--forever, and still haven't totally gained?  Is that not enough, to convince the crazy egoistic creatures, who claim that they know what is good for their country-men, to back down and say, "Okay, we'll change--we'll give you freedom?"  Or at least "man-up" and step down if they can't or won't give the people what they want and deserve
These so-called leaders seem more like narcissitic controlling dictators.  They are--sick-sick-sick individuals. I say God help them. 

But first, with your help O LORD, mustn't we make an effort to help these poor people to the best of our ability?  They are our God relatives, our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters.  They just come from another country that He created. We're not just America, or North America, or Africa, or Asia, or Europe anymore. It's a "small world after all"  doesn't only apply to a small area of land called, "Disneyland". Human beings live in every corner of this earth, and possibly creatures of many kinds live on other planets (keep an open mind) you never know. 

I believe that we Americans are a compassionate and caring people.  We prove it whenever their is a disaster of great magnitude, such as 911, Katrina, Indonesia, Haiti or the present Japanese devastation.  We immediately do what we can to help those suffering souls. 

The unfortunate beings who happen to live in a country where they are controlled by narcissistic madmen should be given the chance to choose whom they want to govern their country, and if the person they choose fails them, then they should be able to vote them out of office.  Any country should allow their people to have the freedom to do this.  It is time for all men and women to be free to pursue their dreams, choose whatever religion they believe in, and to live a healthy and fulfilling way of life.

I find that most folks today believe that there is only "one God", and that He can do whatever He wants. The majority of people seem to be quite "spiritual". Even those who have no obvious religious affiliations, appear to believe in a "higher power". I chose to become a Baha'i, meaning a follower of the prophet Baha'u'llah who we believe is the Manifestation of God for this day. His name means, "The Glory of God." I found my way there after many years of searching, seeking, praying and falling on my face a few times.  I seemed to have my own path, and it had many detours along the way.  Every now and then, I would get curious and take one of them--only to run speedily back to the main path. Why? Because I got my butt kicked. Did I learn from my experience? You betcha! However, that didn't keep me from being curious and taking another detour that looked inviting. Guess what happened?  I got my butt kicked again. Now, you would think that after enough butt kickings I would know better.  It took quite a few--but I think I have finally gotten the message. My therapist told me I should write a book(perhaps I will one day)right now I am writing a book, but it is a historical novel.

I have digressed to the extreme--forgive me. Meanwhile--back to the environment and the meanings of words that really aren't as ugly as some ugly people make them.

Anyway, the people in the middle east, and other parts of the world are normal human beings--who simply want to live a peaceful, comfortable life--with clean water, fresh air, an ample supply of healthy food, a safe environment with sturdy buildings to live in, and adequate medical help available when they are ill, and above all--shouldn't they have a fair and just government?

Mustn't we also try to help stop the enlarging of the "hole in the O-zone",as well as doing what is necessary for the "greening" of America and the rest of the world.  Mustn't we somehow convince "ego centrists" to put an abrupt stop to their "eco centric behavior", and all the other atrocity's that contribute to the problem of bad global warming. There is a method whereby we can obtain good global warming.  Please read on.

The words, "communism" and "socialism" have been bandied around since I can remember. I grew up under the "Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration". I've been a spectator through the raising up of this country from one of the worst financial disasters of our time. 

I watched while my dad joined the Maritime Service, my twin brothers joined the Navy and were stationed on the, "U.S.S. Curtis". Those boys saw more action than most of us see in a lifetime.  It was WORLD WAR II , and they were hit by Kamakazi Fighters on a regular basis. Their buddies died in their arms. When they returned home, they were no longer the "boys" that left us. They weren't men either.  They were shells of what was left of the sweet young men they once had been. One of my brothers got married eventually, after he had healed somewhat, but he was really never a happy person. The other twin was all ready married before he left, and his wife was unable to understand the change in him, and they were divorced. I remember walking down the street with him one day, and an airplane flew ovehead--he dove for the bushes, but there were none, we were on the sidewalk. That was only one of my early "heartbreaks". He had a son while he was gone, and they went back together to try to save the marriage--they had a daughter, but it just didn't work--the emotional damage had been done. 

My stepmother had joined the WAAC's, and she and my dad had been together for over 22 years and had three children, but even their marriage ended in divorce.

My own husband was in the Seabeas when I met him, he was in the Second Batallion and stationed in Oxnard, California.  He was sent overseas to New Caledonia.  He would write me the most beautiful letters, and he wrote every day. Then one day I got the most wonderful news. They were sending him home on a medical leave. He was one of the "lucky" ones--his unit was shipped to Saipan where they were (God Bless them) all wiped out by the enemy. I'm sad to say that our marriage didn't last either.  I was only sixteen and he was twenty-one. I was too young to understand , and he had turned into a very selfish individual with little compassion for anyone else. There was a son involved, and it nearly destroyed him when his mother and father separated. I too went back and tried again for several years, but it simply didn't work out. Unfortunately he died last year from a stroke, and there was hardly anyone at his funeral--how sad. 

I also lost a cousin in the Korean War, He was only sixteen, but his mother signed for him to go into the Army because she thought it would straighten him out--he was killed. Mr. Winston Churchill said it best--WAR IS HELL!

I said all that to say this. We had better start straightening ourselves up, or else we may be flattened out! 2012 is just around the corner--not tryin' to scare ya--just givin' ya a heads up.

Now back to the meaning of the words:

"Propaganda" is a common "war-time strategy", and now it's being used as a "political" strategy.

I am in no way condoning the attitudes on communism that the Russians, Chinese, Marxists, Rightists, Leftists, or any other ists, or countries subscribe to that subjugate their people. It's vicious and only leads to destruction and death. 

All of us have a right to voice our opinions, and I'm sure that they are varied--and entitled. However, what I would like to do here is show what the words really mean (according to the experts) and give  a positive connotation to them. I don't understand what  all the "hullabaloo" is about.  The so-called Communists and Socialists have been at one another's throats since the year one--it's sort of like the "right", the conservative republicans, and the "left" , the liberal democrats. Somewhat like families who have to have something to fight about. I think they get bored easily and simply have to pick on someone--each other. Unfortunately their sibling rivalry spills over into the rest of society. 

Of course it's not really that simple.  It involves the "have" and the "have-nots", money, oil, big corporations, freedom, and the underground that have quietly moved above ground, and have become "legal", (wink-wink), oh--and capitalism.  There's another ism for you.  Put an "ism" on the end of any word, and voila, suddenly it becomes a dirty word. None of these are bad in and of themselves--it's what and who makes them "bad".

Communism comes from the word community. The dictionary terms for the following words: According to Websters Standard Thesaurus and Webster's New Dictionary, and Wikipedia:

community--n. public, people, village, hamlet, state; body of people with something in common, e.g., district of residence, religion; joint ownership.

commune--n. small administrative district; organization where property and responsibilities are shared in common. 

Well, well--sounds a lot like a family doesn't it? Think about it! Let's say I have a husband, children, grand-children, the grandparents and a few uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews all living in one big house, and we all share the responsibilities. 

According to the dictionary--we are living in a commune, which is communal living, which makes us communists. Is that bad? NO! It becomes bad when someone in the family decides to be the "boss" and  tells everyone else what to do and if they don't he/she whips them or perpetrates some other horribly degrading act upon them. Now it becomes "bad".

comrade--n. mate,companion, friend.

My husband then becomes my comrade, hopefully my friend, and my companion--my mate. What's wrong with that? Would that more families could be like that. There are far too many divorces today, and not enough marriages--everyone is living together. I'm sure that doesn't make the Father very happy. I'm not talking about the one in the home, although I'm sure he's not too happy either.:):)

Now we come to the word socialism: See--we tack on that "ism" and all of a sudden it becomes a dirty, scary word--to some people who don't understand what it means to be "social". Let's start with the word social:

so'cial--a.  living in communties; relating to society; sociable. -so'cially--adv.  -so'ciable--a.  inclined to be friendly, of ready companionship. -so'ciabil'ity--n.  -so'ciably--adv.  -soci'ety--n.  companionship; living associated with others; those so living; fashionable people collectively; association or club. -sociol'ogy--n.  social science. -so'cialism--n.  policy aiming at ownership of means of production and transport,etc., by the community.  -so'cialist--n.  socialis'tic--a.    (Websters New Dictionary)

social--a.  genial, pleasant. polite, civil. society: (organization) fellowship, association, brotherhood, fraternity, club. (culture)  community, civilization, people, nation. (Websters Standard Thesaurus).

In my opinion, and I am not alone in what I feel, that unfortunately there are those who aren't interested in being sociable, they are mainly interested in making money and maintaining their power structure. This autocratic thinking makes them dangerous, and motivates them to do whatever it takes to destroy whoever and whatever gets in their way. They are very clever and make it perfectly clear that it is only in our best interests that they do what they do or say (what they want us to hear). 

These entities have us fighting against each other because we, like fools think it's the government that gives the orders, so we choose up sides and believe that whatever party we belong to are the good guys. In order to win we have to resort to name calling, and lies about the other party.  I don't think that the "founding fathers" meant for this to happen when they created the two-party system.  

The government itself is not the monster here. The President is not in charge, he is only a puppet--any man that runs for the office is living in a dream if he believes that he can really make a difference. There are those of us who believe that corrupt organizations are running this country, and that they have, or at least think that they have pulled the proverbial wool over society's eyes. There are many of us who are not fooled, we simply don't have the numbers to fight them.  

We the people need to stand up and be counted and let them know that we will not let our country be sold down the river--so to speak. Our jobs are going elsewhere, rents are ridiculous, food is high, gas prices are unbelievable, and it's not just in this country--it's everywhere.

Most of us tend to buy into the propaganda put out by these inane persons who come along and try to convince us that their words are "gospel". Then there are the religious zealots who absolutely know that their way is the right way--usually the very far right way where the money and the power lay.

I believe that each one of us as individuals must say, "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me."  Also, "Love is the answer." should be in our hearts.  Until and unless we change our trifling ways and try to build a world that is at peace the outcome will be far more devastating than any tsunami, hurricane, tornado, famine, or earthquake we have ever witnessed.

The good global warming that I spoke of above is the "peace on earth good will toward man" kind of global warming that we should be aiming for.  If we can accomplish that then perhaps the bad global warming will cease to exist.

I wish to add here that I am no expert on anything. I am merely an individual who loves my fellow man/woman/child.  I wish to do whatever is in my limited power to help mankind grow in love and spirit, and to "pay it forward".

God Bless!  See you next time!!