Tuesday, January 21, 2014


In April 1999, a gas out was staged across Canada and the United States to bring the price of gas down...and it worked.  Don't you think it's time to do it again. They did it for one day.  We can do anything for one day.

As you know back then, the oil cartels decided to slow production to drive up gasoline prices. They may not be doing that now, but gas prices are so high it's getting to be a problem for the average guy. 

Why don't "WE THE PEOPLE"  see how many Canadian and American people we can get to ban together for a gas out on a particular day, for that day DO NOT BUY GASOLINE!

Maybe if we could get other countries to go along we could put the oil companies ON NOTICE. It's not like there aren't other methods of running our cars. THEY CAN ACTUALLY RUN ON WATER!

Right now the Cartel's won't let it happen. They need to know that, "WE THE PEOPLE" don't like what they are doing.

Don't you BIG GUYS have enough money? Why not show us that you do have a heart and care about the LITTLE FOLKS. How about bringing the price down to a workable rate for us all, and then "CAP" it so it stays stable, then perhaps the economy will stay stable too. It's worth a try don't you think? If it doesn't work you rich guys can always go back to "gouging us little guys."

Folks it's called the "haves and the have not's." There are a few haves that rule the world. WE THE PEOPLE, the little have not's, can even that out just a bit by banning together so that we have equal control.

Let's say we plan for April 1, 2014 to NOT BY ANY GASOLINE. IT'S TIME THAT "WE THE PEOPLE" TAKE A STAND AGAINST MONETARY BULLYING. Pass this along to all the people you know on Facebook and Twitter, and anyplace else you can think of.